The Long Way Round
Date: 2021-07-01

The Long Way Round

As part of buildling out the Statn (station), I wanted to be sure to get the infrastructure solid before diving too deeply into specific software projects. I have a lot of little projects on the backburner right now, and there is a large temptation to just get lost in coding one of them. However, I started this site to provide me with some much needed infrastructure for hosting notes, documentation, and other supporting assets that can transform the experience of adopting a new library or utility.

I believe strongly in good documentation and testing as a means to assist others in using and benefiting from software. I empathize with anyone who has been asked to look at a software library and learn either how to use it or to integrate it with an existing software product. Even the most amazing and wonderfully crafted software can be valueless if potential users do not understand how to unlock the awesome stored inside.

However, out of a desire to "do things right", I found myself going down ever deeper rabbit holes in the pursuit of a master workflow for documenting and supporting libraries, which took me far away from the software I actually wanted to build. To this end, I've put a few of those infrastructure projects on hold for a while to let me get back to building the software itself for a while. A couple of weeks detour to build a little infrastructure is one thing, but realizing that you're going to spend a year or more before delivering anything tangible is too much. That's where I found myself recently and is the reason I've called a pause on infrastructure for now.

I'm going to run with the notes, blog, and documentation sites as is for now, and worry about tighter integrations with build systems, diagrams, automatic documentation generators, and an integrated issues list on another day. I love building my own tools because I get so curious about the experience of doing so. I know going into it that I'll likely create a tool far inferior to those already available, but it's the draw of building it that I can't resist. I'll still finish those projects someday, but for now I want to re-focus on the primary task at hand, delivering the projects I already started for which this infrastructure will provide critical support to anyone bold enough to use them.