I've been using WSL for over a year now as part of my primary development environment setup. I bounce between WSL development on Windows and working on my Ubuntu laptop. At the start, all was going well. Things have changed.
[2021-07-05] > Don't Quit Your Day Job
There is an old saying "don't quit your day job" that is oft-used when showing a new skill to another, usually as a way to indicate that you might not yet have perfected that new skill sufficiently to make it a viable career in its own right. Keeping my day job is part of what makes progress here quite slow.
[2021-07-01] > The Long Way Round
It isn't always clear which route to take when solving technical problems. Sometimes you get lucky and either through instinct, experience, or luck you choose the fastest or most efficient route. Other times, you take the long way round. Recently, I took the long way around and learned a lot.
I started work today on a task management system. I don't particularly need a new task management system. I have several options I'm quite happy with. It just sounds fun to write one.
Monitoring the status of GitHub Actions workflows to display status in Polybar.
Today I configured a CloudFront Distribution to expose my notes statn, which is hosted as a static website stored in an S3 bucket. This allows viewers to read the static content via the distribution without having access to the underlying S3 bucket. The distribution provides faster, cached access, and decouples the viewer from the actual content location.
Setting up a hosted zone using AWS Route 53 for